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In Collaboration with DEAR BELOVED: Picnic Cafe

Picnic Time!

Plan on going on a picnic. We offer a variety of options for your picnics from Grazing Boxes to Simple & Casual to Romantic Picnic for up to four people.


* Engagement picnic

* Anniversary picnic

* Romantic date picnic

* Family time picnic

* Bible study picnic

* Birthday picnic

Make your own picnic spread and have fun.

We can prepare meats/cheeses/fresh fruits and vegetables and all ingredients in separate containers for you, and you can assemble them once you’ve arrived at and set up your picnic spot.

Make everyday special.


Simple & Casual Picnic Package for 2-4 people​

Turn your ordinary day into a joyous day with your family. 

Enrich your daily life by having a picnic time with your loved ones.


This simple and casual picnic package includes:

* individual grazing boxes

* sparkling water

* one picnic basket with plates/glasses/forks/knives/napkins (rental)

* one picnic blanket (rental)


*** Curbside Pick-up Only

*** We require a minimum 4 day notice for bookings.

For picnics on the weekend, orders must be placed by Tuesday of that week and it's subject to availability.


*** Click SHOP for details.

Romantic Picnic Package​ for 2 people​

This romantic picnic package includes:

* grazing boards

* sparkling water

* picnic blanket/rug

* low table

* table runner or table cloth

* assortment of throw pillows 

* candles & lanterns

* plates

* glassware 

* flatware

* linen napkins

* rental for half day

* (optional) floral

* (optional) delivery/set-up/clean-up - 2 hr rental with this option

*** Curbside Pick-up Only

*** We require a minimum 7 day notice for the romantic picnic bookings.


*** Please inquire for pricing at

picnic packages

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