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[$23.99 + Tax] x 2

These mini grazing/charcuterie boxes are great for lunch or picnic!


Each individual grazing box will come in a box of 9"x7" that feeds one person, and will include the following:

- 2 types of cheeses

- 2 types of meats 

- assortment of seasonal fresh fruits and veggies

- dried fruits

- nuts and olives

- crackers

- napkins

- forks & knives


*Actual grazing box may look different from the sample photo depending on availability.

*All fruits and vegetables are washed thoroughly to ensure they are clean and safe to eat, and are prepared by staff with proper masks and food-grade gloves.

*Gluten free option is not available.

Grazing Box for YOU [9"x7"]

  • Orders placed by Thursday

    Curbside Pick-up: Saturday (9am-12pm) or Sunday (9am-12pm)


    Orders placed by Wednesday

    Curbside Pick-up: Friday (9am-12pm)

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