*This fruit grazing platter has been prepared with bare hands for the promotional video purpose only. We do practice good hygiene by wearing masks and food grade gloves to adhere to the guidelines recommended by the state and local health authorities.


We offer small scale grazing table options for less than 10 people and grazing boxes are available at our Online Shop below. We will gradually increase the variety of these grazing options in the next few weeks. Stay tuned for more delightful brunch options with tablescape rentals next month.


·      micro weddings

·      bridal showers

·      baby showers

·      anniversaries

·      date nights

·      picnics

·      at-home movie nights

·      cheese - wine / beer pairings

·      corporate brunch

·      birthday parties

·      quality time with family

·      quality alone time 

·      thank you gifts 

·      when you don't feel like cooking but relax

·      just because... to make today more special

The COVID-19 Pandemic has changed every area of our lives. It has certainly impacted our lifestyle​s, the way we perceive our lives, priorities, and values. Bringing down to a small scale, it has led us focus more on intimate relationships as larger gatherings are not only prohibited by law, but also for the health and safety of our loved ones in order to fight the spread of the COVID-19.

With that in mind, The One Event Venue has launched

The One Kitchen Line to help bringing fun, exciting features of celebration to your home:  g r a z i n g - c h a r c u t e r i e.



have been the latest foodie trend and gained much of its popularity at weddings and other celebration events over the last few years. They are presented beautifully and come with a delicious selection of fine cheeses, cured meats, nuts, olives, crackers and garnishes, served with seasonal fruits and berries.


Make Everyday Special


We all have been disappointed that all celebrations have been canceled or postponed due to the pandemic. Though the pandemic is still around, life must go on. Love is not canceled.

Instead, enjoy this time with your family like never before. Have a special date night with your spouse in your backyard. Plan a pajama party with your sisters at home and talk all night long. Have quality time with your family. Some quality time alone sounds awesome too.

You are what you eat, but you are also what you do and how you relate to others.

Make everyday special.

Picnic Time!

Plan on going on a picnic. We offer a variety of options for your picnics from Grazing Boxes to Simple & Casual to Romantic Picnic for up to four people.


* Engagement picnic

* Anniversary picnic

* Romantic date picnic

* Family time picnic

* Bible study picnic

* Birthday picnic

Make your own picnic spread and have fun.

We can prepare meats/cheeses/fresh fruits and vegetables and all ingredients in separate containers for you, and you can assemble them once you’ve arrived at and set up your picnic spot.

Make everyday special.


ONLINE KITCHEN for your special day


Place an order at our Online Shop.

Grazing Box options:

·      Fruits & Veggies Box (12x12, 14x19)

·      Grazing in a Box (12x12, 14x19)

1. Cheese Lover (Cheeses & Fruits)

2. Meat Lover (Meats & Fruits)

3. Love them All

(Cheeses & Meats & Fruits)

Please specify what day you'd like to pick up your order.

Please tell us if there's any allergies we should be informed of.

i.e. cucumber, mango, peach, etc.

Wait for the confirmation email and text.

(Double check your email and phone number as this is our means of communication.)

On your pickup day:

Please follow the pickup instructions.

*Availability varies.

*Minimum of $100 for weekday pick-up orders. Please contact us to check availability first before you place an order online {at least 3 days in advance}:



Please don’t leave the Grazing Box out for longer than 2 hours at room temperature or warmer for food safety reasons. Leaving it in the sun or at room temperature for too long may develop food-borne illness.

If you need more time before you serve the food, it’s best to keep the Box in your refrigerator until 30 minutes before serving to allow the cheese to come to room temperature. It is highly recommended that all boxes to be kept cool and eaten on the day of pickup.


*All fruits and vegetables are washed thoroughly to ensure they are clean and safe to eat, and are prepared by staff with proper masks and food-grade gloves.


*All sales are FINAL.

*If you need to reschedule your pickup date, it must be arranged more than 3 business days prior to your original pickup date. 

Contact us at 213-700-2933.


3680 Wilshire Boulevard

Los Angeles, CA 90010

(on a southeast corner of Wilshire Blvd and Serrano Ave ON SERRANO AVENUE)



Curbside Pick-up on Serrano Avenue:

Saturday (9am-12pm) or Sunday (9am-12pm)

Place an order by Thursday by 3pm.

Curbside Pick-up on Serrano Avenue:

Friday (9am-12pm or 3pm-5pm)

Place an order by Wednesday by 3pm.

*Please specify what day you'd like to pick up your order.

Curbside pickup hours:

Friday-Sunday 9am – 12pm

1. Park your vehicle on loading zone on Serrano Ave.

2. Call us at 213-387-7575 (no text) and let us know you’re here.

3. We will bring your grazing box to your vehicle shortly.

4. Please have your confirmation and ID ready.

5. Enjoy!

Wilshire Blvd

Serrano Ave

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